Q: Our product won for a specific shade/color, but it's difficult to feature the seal in close proximity to that shade/color in our materials. How can we gain approval?

A: If the seal cannot be placed in close proximity, then the shade/color must be written in text beneath the seal so the winning shade/color is apparent to the consumer.


Q: We won NewBeauty Award within the past three years; however, the product formulation has changed. Can the seal and/or editorial review still be used with this product?

A: No. if the product formulation has changed, the NewBeauty Award seal and editorial review cannot be used. Please contact Nicole Wieder,, if your product name has changed.


Q: Can we use the NewBeauty logo and/or cover artwork in conjunction with the seal?

A: Use of these materials requires a separate license and fees. Please contact Nicole Wieder,, for more information.


Q: How long does approval take?

A: Assuming usage mock-up meets all guidelines, turnaround time for approval is two to three business days.



Q: Do we still have to pay the fee if we never actually use the seal and/or editorial review?

A: Yes. Once a Purchase Agreement is processed, all licenses and fees are final and non-cancelable.


Q: Our product won a NewBeauty Award two years in a row. Do we have to pay licensing fees for each award?

A: Yes, fees are charged by year and by usage type.


Q: When are payments due?

A: Payment can be made by credit card at checkout or you can choose to be invoiced. Invoice payment is due 30 days after receipt of the invoice.


Q: Do you prorate or waive fees?

A: No. NewBeauty does not waive or prorate fees. Fees cannot be paid with merchandising credits. Bundle discounts are available, please visit the Pricing section for details.



Q: Our communication launches in-market before our agreement expires but will live beyond the agreement's expiration date. Does the agreement need to be renewed?

A: Brands cannot place media or begin a promotion after the agreement's expiration date. Any media or promotion that is placed during the agreement’s term may remain live for up to two weeks beyond the expiration date without renewing.


Q: Our product packaging license has expired, but we still have stickered products in-market. Can we sell through the remaining units on shelf?

A: Yes. Brands may sell through any product shipped to retail prior to the agreement's expiration date. At the end of the term, brands may no longer produce additional units featuring the seal.


Q: We plan to continue use of the seal and/or editorial review beyond the license expiration. When should we renew?

A: NewBeauty will reach out 30 days prior to your license expiration date with the option to renew. Please note: If the seal itself is older than three years, renewal will not be available.


Q: Our one-year license is expiring. Can we purchase a three-year renewal?

A: No. A three-year license is only available for purchase within the first 12-months after the awards are announced.